Inspiration behind the new logo

As a company we wanted to bring about a change and a new fresh look. Though we love and will continue to use our original logo, the switch up was necessary . Its not always about being the king of the jungle but being able to be you authentically and maintain your respect in the game!

Whats up next for the brand

As a team we are gearing up to build a steady inventory and connection with those that support the brand as well as build relationships with new followers and other businesses as well. On July 24th from 3pm to 7pm we are having our very first Pop Up shop! Come out to support the brand and purchase new items.

Clementine's Urban Bistro | 2840 W Clementine Street

The Grind Post Pandemic

You simply have to have tunnel vision and put your heart and soul into at all times. You have to eat, sleep, live and breathe your brand. Especially If you want the brand to have longevity and not be a quick hit. Plan for the influx of prices in material and shipping. Dont over buy and make conscious decisions.